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Mexican Canyon Trestle

Cloudcroft Mexican Canyon Trestle

Mexican Canyon Trestle, built in 1899, is located just to the west of Cloudcroft. It was part of a 30 mile cloud climbing railway that rose 4700 feet out of the Tularosa desert basin. The mountain's timber resources were in great demand at the turn of the century and word of the area's natural beauty quickly spread. The railway was eventually replaced by a highway which follows much of the original scenic course. Come and visit our historical museum for more insight on the region's logging and pioneer heritage.


The Lodge at Cloudcroft

Cloudcroft's historic lodge is a mountain railroad resort where Victorian tradition and gorgeous scenery join to form a world of charm and romance. It is perched 9,000 feet atop New Mexico’s southern Rockies. It's dressed in rich wood moldings, turn-of-the-century furniture, and antique fixtures. Dine at Rebecca’s as you watch an exquisite sunset and listen to the sounds of our grand piano.
Golfing in the Clouds

Come play golf on one of the highest, most beautiful golf courses in the world. It's nestled 9,000 feet above sea level and surrounded by lush, towering pines. Autumn, ablaze with reds, oranges, yellows and greens, is even more spectacular. Also, take advantage of our winter activities, including cross-country skiing, tubing, snowmobiling, and ice skating, which are all nearby.





Cloudcroft Photo Gallery

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